Oak Grove UMC Christian School

Oak Grove UMC Christian School

Calendar January - August 2024

Oak Grove Christian School 
Jan.- Aug. 2024  
Subject to change

School Hours: 7:30 am to 5:30 pm

CS: Infants – PreK    AS: After School Program - (Lottery PreK & Kind. - 2:30-5:30 pm)
DCSD: DeKalb Co. School District       SC: Summer Camp   

Jan. 15           M     CS CLOSED , AS CLOSED    DCSD CLOSED   MLK, Jr. Holiday

Feb. 16          F      CS Open     AS Open Full Day (bring lunch)  DCSD CLOSED
Feb. 19          M     CS CLOSED , AS CLOSED (Staff Development Day)   
                               DCSD CLOSED   Presidents' Day Holiday

Mar. 8            F     CS Open, AS Open Full Day (bring lunch), DCSD  Independent Learner Day
Mar. 29          F     CS CLOSED, AS CLOSED Good Friday Holiday
                             DCSD OPEN - Please pick up your child from school 
Apr. 1-5          M-F    CS Open, AS Open Full Days (bring lunch) DCSD CLOSED Spring Break Holidays
Apr. 14          Sun     School Celebration Sunday at OGUMC 

May 22           W      CS Open     AS Open    Last day of school for DCSD
May 23, 24   TH, F   CS Open    AS Open Full Days (bring lunch)  AS program ends
May 27           M       CS Closed  Memorial Day Holiday    No SC this week

June 3            M       CS Open      Summer Camp Session 1 Begins
June 19         W        CS Closed     SC CLOSED   Juneteenth Holiday
June 23         M        CS Open     SC Session 2 begins

July 1-3       M-W     CS Open    No Summer Camp this week
July 4, 5     TH, F     CS CLOSED   July 4th Holidays
July 19            F       CS Open    Last day of SC 
July 22         M         CS Open    Transition for Current Children begins
July 25, 26   Th, F    CS Open   Transition for New Children (with current children)
July 29         M         CS Open    N
o Transition - Last day of classes for Infants - PreK Children
July 30         T          CS
CLOSED  to Prepare for New Classes
July 31         W       
 *** CS OPEN HOUSE for All Children 8:00 am - 12 noon ***
                                 *** CS CLOSES at 12 noon ***
Aug 1          Th         First day for New CS Classes
Aug 1,2       Th, F     AS Program Open Full Day (bring lunch)  Enrolled Children Only
Aug 5          M          CS Open     AS Open Regular Hours (2:30 - 5:30 pm)