Oak Grove UMC Christian School

Oak Grove UMC Christian School

After School Program

Our After School program (AS) serves children 4–6 years old in the Lottery Pre-k and  Kindergarten. Our after-school classrooms are located on the upper floor of our building. We currently provide transportation from the following elementary schools: Briarlake, Coralwood, Oak Grove, and Sagamore Hills. Schools that we pick up from might change according to enrollment, and *ages of children served in the AS program are subject to change according to enrollment.
Our mini-buses pick up children from the elementary schools at dismissal (2:30 pm) and bring them back to our center. Children unload at the playground and get out their energy from a hard day’s work. They come inside to use the restroom, wash hands, and have a snack. After the snack, they have quiet time to do homework, read, or do another quiet activity. Then they socialize and have fun!  Our program provides a relaxing time for children to have fun after school. It is not designed as an academic program.

We offer some afternoon classes that our After School students can participate in. All AS students participate in a weekly Christian information class called Godly Play, which is part of our Christian Curriculum this year. Godly Play teaches children Christian concepts and information about God, Jesus, the Bible, how to pray, and treating others with respect.  

For additional fees, children can attend Ballet-Tap classes, Champion Thinkers, and P's and Cues. Information on these extracurricular activities is available at our Parent Desk outside the CS Office. 

Our After School program has monthly tuition of $540. This includes most days when school is not open. On these days children can attend for no extra charge. We ask that children bring their lunch on these full days. We are open before school starts each August, as well as a few days before we close for Christmas, before school reopens in January, on Teacher Workdays, and on other days when school is closed. For a complete list of days we are open please check our Calendar page.

Our After School Coordinator is Cordella Sambrone-Darkins. Please email cs-darkins@ogumc.org  to contact her.

*We are not planning  Coralwood 3s for the 2022-2023 school year.